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Definition of a Clinical Neuropsychologist

As stated on the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology website:

"Clinical Neuropsychologists have specialized knowledge and training in the applied science of brain-behavior relationships.  Clinical Neuropsychologists use this knowledge in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients across the lifespan who have neurological, medical, developmental, or psychiatric conditions.
The Clinical Neuropsychologist employs psychological, neurological, or physiological methods to evaluate patients’ cognitive and emotional strengths and weaknesses and relates these findings to normal and abnormal central nervous system functioning.
Clinical Neuropsychologists use this information, in conjunction with information provided by other medical/healthcare providers, to identify and diagnose neurobehavioral disorders, conduct research, counsel patients and their families, or plan and implement intervention strategies.
A definition of clinical neuropsychology, a description of the work settings in which clinical neuropsychologists are employed, and other associated information can be found in the Practice Guidelines published by the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology (AACN).  This document can be downloaded from a link on the AACN website ("

For more information on clinical neuropsychology and what a typical adult assessment entails click here.

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